How Can Virtual Notarization Help Your Business?
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How Can Virtual Notarization Help Your Business?

How Can Virtual Notarization Help Your Business?

When a document needs notarized, businesses need a reliable process that offers speed and accuracy. Remote online notarization delivers both by leveraging fraud prevention and knowledge-based ID verification technology.

Faster Processes

Traditionally, in-person and paper-based notarizations slow down transactions, deliver a poor signer experience, and increase the risk of identity fraud. Virtual notarizations eliminate these problems by providing a fast, efficient process backed by high-security levels.

For example, e-commerce businesses use remote online notarization to speed up document signing and verification processes. This reduces customer friction and saves time, money, and effort. It also helps them provide customers with a more convenient and seamless digital experience.

Similarly, home loan originators can streamline their closing process by allowing borrowers to have their mortgage documents notarized online. RON provides a fast, efficient, and convenient process while maintaining the highest security levels with features like two-way audio and video, recording, creation of tamper-evident documentation, and more. This is important given the COVID-19 pandemic, which has many people staying at home, making it harder to get to a real estate office or title company.

More Convenience

In addition to the time-saving benefits of virtual notarization, businesses benefit from convenience for their clients. When mortgage brokers and homebuyers meet with notaries via video, they can expedite their closings while maintaining a digital experience from application to close.

Similarly, e-commerce businesses that process hundreds of orders daily rely on remote online notarization to verify internal documents and certify signatures. These tools can ensure that the correct information is captured at the beginning of each process, helping to prevent errors and potential delays down the line.

And because these platforms are often backed by built-in security measures that include fraud prevention and identity credential analysis, they can help to keep your business safe from cyber threats. These solutions offer a more secure way to conduct business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Better User Experience

In addition to cost savings, customers reap the benefits of a fully digital process when they work with a remote online notary. This is reflected in efficiency gains on the business’s transaction and turnaround sides.

A digital experience is also a better one for borrowers, too. They can schedule meetings for a time that suits them and receive a quick service. This can help speed up the loan process and get them into their new homes faster.

Many companies that offer remote online notary services provide fraud prevention and similar built-in security measures. This helps protect businesses and customers from identity theft, phishing attempts, data breaches, and more. These tools also make verifying a signer’s identity easier, making the process faster and more accurate than meeting in person. A few minutes of a secure, two-way audio and video call is needed to have documents notarized and completed.

More Security

During this global health crisis, businesses must develop and execute a robust business continuity plan that includes remote online notarization (RON). RON is a digitally enhanced process that provides the same benefits of traditional in-person notarization but without any interruptions to your company.

In addition to speed and convenience, RON eliminates the need to travel in person and allows signers to verify their identity over the web easily. It also will enable Notaries to use a simple interface and robust APIs to automate repeatable workflows, such as triggering a notarial session, within the systems they already use daily. Fortified security features ensure document integrity.

Notaries can leverage RON to provide a better experience for clients and increase revenue. Many independent notaries are making a mobile service permanent with the help of RON technology. It’s time for you to join them!