What to Do When Your Injury Settlement Isn’t Enough
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What to Do When Your Injury Settlement Isn’t Enough

If you are in an accident and are unable to work due to injury there are ways to compensate for your lost earnings. Sometimes, this can be by way of injury lawsuit settlements. A personal injury attorney will build a case which lays out your damages. The court can award you a sum of money they think is appropriate. But, many times the settlement isn’t enough to last you the rest of your life.

Other ways that people are able to make up for lost income is if they are already covered under some sort of worker’s compensation insurance policy. This can be a policy they signed themselves or this can be one offered at the workplace.

Still, for others these first two options may not pay enough or may not be applicable for a person’s living expenses. This is where SSD comes into play. Social Security Disability is the government run program that is the final safety net for people unable to work due to disability. Money which people have paid into the system for their entire lives is placed in a government fund. The fund is mainly used to pay for disability and retirement.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

When it comes to every facet of the law, there is a lawyer who specializes in it. This is the case for disability. Maria Riddle, a disability attorney in Melbourne, Florida said: “People are usually unaware that Social Security Disability attorneys even exist until they find themselves in a situation where they need one. And they are usually ultimately relieved when an attorney tells them that their case will be handled properly and with care.”.

The best part about hiring a SSDI lawyer is that they are capped at how much they can make for the entirety of the case. According to SSD.gov, an attorney can only charge a maximum of $7,200 for the entire case from beginning to finish. Many times the fee ends up being much lower. This is simply the maximum. And they don’t take it all at once or upfront. They only get paid if you win your case